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Random Jig Barn Dance Band

Never been to a Barn Dance? Are you organising one and want to know what to do next?

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About us

We are a lively and enthusiastic band with over 20 years experience of running barn dances. When we're not playing for you, we're singing, playing and dancing to traditional music for ourselves and with our friends.

We generally work in the Berkshire / Hampshire / Surrey area but we sometimes do travel further and if we can't make it to your event we have contacts all over the country if you're looking for a band in your area.

Between us we play an assortment of instruments; including piano, fiddle, melodeon and hammered dulcimer.

We are always happy to talk to you about organising your event and will discuss your particular requirements with no obligation to book our band.

If you have any questions about organising a dance please email us

This website is at www.randomjig.com